Project impact

FACTOR project directly addresses one of the main institutional issues of the ACARE SRA related to the development of research infrastructure objectives. In fact, the FACTOR project aims at upgrading an existing facility to gather motorists from turbo-machinery and combustion expertise fields around a new unique experimental test infrastructure. To ensure the best possible quality and performance and the long term usage of such facility, the FACTOR industrial partners invited, through a selection process, several European organizations to make a proposal, eventually leading to the choice of the DLR test.

Furthermore, FACTOR project addresses two of the six activities fixed in the ACARE Strategic Research Agenda summarized in the work programme 2010:
  • Greening of Air Transport
  • Improving cost efficiency

Regarding cost efficiency, FACTOR project will address the following requirements having an important impact:
  • Take the correct decisions during the first iterations of the conceptual design phase: by developing existing CFD techniques (based on URANS and LES mainly), assessing their reliability to bring them to an industrial maturity level (gain of 2 TRL for each technique).  This will help designers to optimize future designs in terms of robustness and costs, including a 20% increase in components life duration.
  • Make relevant choices for the technical concept: by maturing CFD techniques, FACTOR will have then a strong impact in predicting the aero-thermal behaviour of the combustor turbine interaction, thus, avoid unsafe and expensive flight tests.
  • Make available a European test facility: by upgrading an existing test facility with all European motorists, this will benefit to Aeronautics community and decrease the costs thanks to a collective effort.

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