WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation

WP7 objectives are:
  • To ensure the uptake of project results in a large range of appropriate applications;
  • To identify necessary work to further develop the technology;
  • To disseminate appropriate information into the design cycle to realise the technology benefits on production engines;
  • To communicate to the wider world appropriate information on the technology generated (with the benefits) that this EU supported research has created;
  • To disseminate knowledge within the member companies.
The Work Package is divided into three Tasks:

Task 7.1 – Dissemination of selected information

In order to communicate efficiently with the project partners and the scientific and business community outside the consortium, technical performance and results will be disseminated through papers in technical reviews, specialised press, and web pages. Communication with existing clusters will help identify areas where complementary technology from on-going projects can be exploited alongside the results from FACTOR. These are the prime vehicles for dissemination of knowledge within the academic and industrial research community. Papers will be encouraged from all engineers involved in the programme to raise awareness among a greater community and encourage the use of the technology within other industry sectors.

Task 7.2 – Preparatory measures for patent deposition

FACTOR results will be monitored to identify new innovative components, prototypes or modules, and tools for patent. Innovation reporting will be established in order to inform partners about new innovative elements and to identify background and foreground ownership and access rights.

Task 7.3 – Exploitation plan

An Exploitation Plan will be produced with the cooperation of all partners to move the FACTOR technology to higher TRLs. This will encompass the planning and implementation of exploitation with partners, demonstrating the benefits of the research, documenting the ownership of results, and publishing results.

WP7 ? Dissemination and Exploitation WP3 ? Integration WP1 - Components design and manufacturing
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WP8 ? Management of FACTOR Project
WP4 ? Measurement campaign

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