WP6 – Synthesis of experiments and computations

The purpose of WP6 in the FACTOR project is to coordinate all the activities related to the three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the project. This will also include the coordination of the information flow between the partners involved in the experimental and the numerical activities. The WP6 activities will be divided in two general sections, namely pre-test and post-test CFD.
The pre-test CFD will start when the complete geometry definition of the rig is frozen. It will use the best understanding of the boundary conditions from WP1. The pre-test CFD will be done in parallel to the manufacturing, instrumentation and assembly work in WP1, WP2 and WP3. It has two major purposes:
  • Give the possibility to the partners involved in the CFD activity (both industrial and academic) to build the meshes, set-up models, run the simulations and verify convergence.
  • Provide information to the instrumentation partners regarding the expected variations of the quantities to be measured (temperature, pressure, flow angle) at the measurement locations and if necessary advise changes of measurement locations/ranges.
The purpose of the post-test CFD is to carry out the computational analysis using the boundary conditions measured on the rig in WP4. Those boundary conditions will be applied to the models prepared during the pre-test CFD phase, resulting in short time needed to obtain the solutions of required quality. As the measurement campaign in WP4 progresses the numerical predictions will be compared with the experimental data
At the end of the work all the simulations carried out by the partners will be analyzed and compared with the experimental results. This will serve to increase the current knowledge on the physics of combustor-turbine interaction. The comparison will provide additional insight into the accuracy of the various numerical approaches and codes. The gathered data will also be used to produce a generic set of guidelines on modelling combustor-turbine interaction.

WP7 ? Dissemination and Exploitation WP3 ? Integration WP1 - Components design and manufacturing
WP2 ? Instrumentation design & manufacturing and rig adaptation WP6 ? Synthesis of experiments and computations
WP8 ? Management of FACTOR Project
WP4 ? Measurement campaign

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