WP4 – Measurement campaign

To perform all measurements needed to fill a detailed database (Flow field, Heat Transfer, Solid temperatures etc.). The planned measurements will be carried out at the new turbine test facility NG-Turb at DLR in Göttingen.
To date many measurement technologies for turbine specific applications have been investigated in great detail. The challenge is to adapt the different measurement techniques to the difficult-to-access areas of the test bed without perturbing the test. Additionally, the expected high temperatures coming from the combustor simulator will be challenging for some techniques (probes, sensors). The planned measurement techniques, adapted and further developed to fulfill the specifications, for the particular locations are listed below:
  • An innovative laser-optical technique (Raman spectroscopy), which has been up to now only once successfully tested in a transonic compressor, will be used to non-intrusively measure flow temperature.
  • A new and simplified laser vibrometer, which is in the process of being patented, will be turned into a prototype by an SME to supply time resolved information on density fluctuations.
  • New and innovative probe devices to withstand the harsh temperature conditions behind the combustor simulator. Such probes are essential for the accurate determination of flow angles, total and static pressures as well as unsteady pressure measurements.
  • Particle Image Velocimetry: The aim of this investigation is the complete understanding of the flow field and of the mixing phenomena between swirler hot flow, primary, secondary and cooling cold flows inside the combustor simulator.
  • Planar Heat Transfer Measurements based on high speed IR Thermography (Fixed & Rotor) to fully understand the impact of the complex 3D flow field generated by the combustor on the thermal loading of the turbine components. These measurements will be carried out using a high speed Long Wavelength Infrared camera (LWIR) and will comprise measurements on the blade hub and casing of the HP/LP NGV and on the surface of the rotor.

WP7 ? Dissemination and Exploitation WP3 ? Integration WP1 - Components design and manufacturing
WP2 ? Instrumentation design & manufacturing and rig adaptation WP6 ? Synthesis of experiments and computations
WP8 ? Management of FACTOR Project
WP4 ? Measurement campaign

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