WP3 – Integration

WP3 activities are focused on the integration of the DLR Rig.

The main target of this WP is to integrate a combustor / turbine assembly compliant with the functional specification of the rig from the structural, thermal and aerothermal point of view.

At the very beginning of the project the functional specifications of the DLR Rig will be described based on the industrial partners wishes, allowing to define the main characteristics of the combustor, turbine and interduct as well as the rig supporting services like hot and cold air and acquisition systems. Those activities are carried in close partnership with all partners, and in particular with DLR.

Once the detailed designs will be available during the end of year 2, WP3 partners will take in charge the modelling activities of the whole system to check the compliance with all the points of the specification before launching the manufacturing activities.

WP3 will be a strong contributor for the PDR (Preliminary design review) on year 1 as well as the CDR (critical design review) which is expected on year 2

WP7 ? Dissemination and Exploitation WP3 ? Integration WP1 - Components design and manufacturing
WP2 ? Instrumentation design & manufacturing and rig adaptation WP6 ? Synthesis of experiments and computations
WP8 ? Management of FACTOR Project
WP4 ? Measurement campaign

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