WP2 – Instrumentation design & manufacturing and rig adaptation

In order to build a detailed database to validate CFD and thermal codes, a facility is needed, which is highly instrumented, including the surrounding run-off and secondary air system (SAS). This validation requires the most precise characterization of the flow aerodynamic at wall and in different planes. The characterization of the flow is based on a good knowledge of the boundary conditions: static and total pressure / temperature, flow direction, losses, isentropic Mach number, wall temperature, turbulence level. The test bench where the planned measurements will take place is a new test facility at DLR in Göttingen. This facility will be build up in two subsequent stages and starting its operation in 2013. The new rig, called Next Generation Turbine Test Facility (NG-Turb), will operate as a closed circuit with dry air as flow medium, allowing the independent setting of Mach- and Reynolds numbers. This test facility will feature a more flexible test section according to the accessibility of most measuring techniques as well as the possibility to install turbine components like combustors. Therefore the facility will be best suited for the implementation of a combustion chamber simulator. WP2 comprises the necessary modifications at the test rig to perform the planned measurements. This includes the instrumentation design and the manufacturing. The adaption of the test rig to accommodate the combustor simulator as well as the assembly of the turbine in the test facility is also part of this WP.

WP7 ? Dissemination and Exploitation WP3 ? Integration WP1 - Components design and manufacturing
WP2 ? Instrumentation design & manufacturing and rig adaptation WP6 ? Synthesis of experiments and computations
WP8 ? Management of FACTOR Project
WP4 ? Measurement campaign

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